Why are praline pecans so good?

Of all the reasons to enjoy walnut chocolates, the best is because they taste wonderful. The mixture of the sweet hardened sugar mixture over those still-crunchy nuts is wonderful. For two to three weeks, nut chocolates last up to three weeks. Therefore, walnut chocolates are best consumed within the first two to three weeks after making them.

After three weeks, the chocolates won't spoil, but the sugar will start to recrystallize and, therefore, they will lose their delicious creaminess and will be a little harder to chew. Three weeks, nut chocolates last up to three weeks. Walnut chocolates last up to three weeks. It can be hard to figure out the difference between nut candies, praline candies, praline nuts, and walnut chocolates.

A candied nut is similar to praline nuts in that they are glazed or covered with a layer of caramel. What made nut chocolates so popular among the French in New Orleans was that the area where they now lived was full of walnut trees and sugar cane. But have you tried one or two nut chocolates with your cup of coffee? Adding a walnut praline treat to your mid-morning brunch will do wonders for your taste buds and mood. A walnut praline is the product of two words combined: walnut and praline, a nut whose scientific name Carya illinoinensis is, by the way, an indigenous agonquin term that literally means “to break with a bone”, while “praline” means any nut coated in sugar.

For all those who love walnut praline, the Food and Drug Administration has brought great news: it has approved a health statement on the role of walnuts and other nuts in helping to reduce many heart-related diseases.

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