Why are pecans more expensive than almonds?

Nuts are not sold in shell; they must be cleaned, sterilized, broken and peeled. Like all nuts, the prices of nuts have increased because they are more in demand than before. Like walnuts, they are grown high in trees and produce a small amount of production, making work and harvesting more of a chore. The Chinese, Hudson says, are hungry for all kinds of nuts.

Their growing economy means that they are more willing to pay higher prices, and that drives up prices everywhere. Demand is also moving faster than walnuts can grow. It's not just walnuts that are planted; it takes 10 years from the start of cultivation to harvest, Hudson tells Melissa Block of All Things Considered. Mixed with that, the most important thing is the weather, Hudson says.

Southern Georgia, home to many of the country's walnut orchards, experienced two of the wettest springs and summers in history last year, creating real disease problems. Where in the United States do people say pee-kahn instead of pi-kahn? Joshua Katz answered his burning question by mapping Bert Vaux's dialect survey on regional variations in the continental United States. Courtesy of Joshua Katz hide caption And speaking of walnuts, is there a correct way to say the word? (After all, there are several different versions, such as pee-kahn, pi-kahn, and pee-kan. A dialect survey on the word nut showed that in the United States almost 30 percent say pee-kahn, 21 percent say pi-kahn, while pee-can only has 13 percent.

Sometimes, the harvest is interrupted by the prolonged wet season, and spring frosts can affect the flowering of walnuts. This creates distribution gaps in the market and causes the price to rise. Walnut trees can start producing nuts in as little as three years, making them a comparatively fast-growing nut plant. But pecans are some of the most popular nuts in the world because of their flavor and vitamin content.

Therefore, its price is still somewhat high. The price of walnuts is going up, going up, which may mean that if you're planning a pecan pie for Thanksgiving, now's the time to buy them.

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