Who owns the biggest pecan farm in the world?

Stahmann Farms, Las Cruces Media The Stahmanns planted 4,000 acres of pecan trees in 1932 and have grown to more than 180,000 trees, producing between 8 and 10 million pounds of nuts per year. Read more about Stahmann Farms at Las Cruces Media. The Sahuarita farm includes the largest irrigated walnut orchard in the world. The Mesilla Valley is a geographical feature of southern New Mexico and the western tip of Texas.

It was formed by repeated spring floods in the Rio Grande. While there is debate in the nut industry about whether or not to prune walnut trees, Walden says that pruning makes a positive difference by allowing some sunlight to enter the canopy. In addition, he serves as vice president of the National Pecan Growers Association and as former president of the Georgia Nut Growers Association. Out of season, Hudson Pecan Company continues operations in the sales division, always willing to provide fresh walnuts from the recent harvest.

By 1956, Leonard Bend Pecan Farm had 3,300 acres of orchards on the peninsula and had become the largest contiguous walnut orchard in Texas and the second largest in the United States. Pecans are the only important nuts native to North America, and the state of Georgia is one of the leading nut producers today. Stuart pecans are the most produced variety in Georgia and are slightly smaller than desirable nuts. The Hudson Pecan Company orchards more than 2,200 acres and processes more than five million pounds of walnuts a year.

The land where Green Valley Pecan Company began has a history as deep and rich as the land that produces some of the best walnuts in the world. And several years later, when their son planted 2,000 acres of walnuts in Australia, the Stahmanns became the world's largest walnut producing family.

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