Are praline pecans healthy?

Since nuts are full of protein and “good fats,” nuts can be enjoyed as an all-time favorite snack. Despite having similar names, a true fan of Southern food knows the difference between pecan chocolates and praline nuts. On the one hand, nut chocolates are empanade-shaped candies made with nuts and several other ingredients, usually sugar, butter and cream. Praline nuts, on the other hand, are individual pecans with a praline-flavored coating.

Before enjoying these delicious snacks, learn more about their differences to make sure you enjoy them in all their glory. Did you know that nut chocolates also have some health value? There is a lot of sugar, but chocolates are very healthy nuts, full of proteins and good fats that the body not only needs, but also craves. I found that the flavor of the nuts was slightly masked by the sweetness of the coating, but that didn't mean that I liked walnuts any less. What made nut chocolates so popular among the French in New Orleans was that the area where they now lived was full of walnut trees and sugar cane.

But have you tried one or two nut chocolates with your cup of coffee? Adding a walnut praline treat to your mid-morning brunch will do wonders for your taste buds and mood. It can be hard to figure out the difference between nut candies, praline candies, praline nuts, and walnut chocolates. Candied walnuts should not be confused with nut candies, of which chocolates are considered only one type. Regional pecan trees, native to Louisiana, Georgia, Texas and other southern states, offered a delicious solution; swap almonds for walnuts.

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