Are pecans in high demand?

Demand for walnuts is expected to continue to grow over the next decade and producers are working to keep up. As the new APPB comes into operation and marketing demand increases, it is expected to grow even faster, as a larger marketing budget should translate into greater consumption in major markets. Demand for pecans is increasing both domestically and around the world. Walnut producers should avoid the market for chocolates, chocolate-covered sugar and cinnamon without a solid marketing plan, as these markets are less likely to have bought nuts.

There are some competitive challenges, but the advantage is that American nut producers grow the safest and cleanest nuts in the world. Since the health and nutrition factor would continue to dominate consumers' food preferences, the increase in nut consumption is expected to boost the walnut market in the coming years. Other studies have examined a myriad of problems related to the consumption of nuts to provide nut producers with knowledge of what attributes consumers prefer. The price of walnuts is going up, going up, which may mean that if you're planning a pecan pie for Thanksgiving, now's the time to buy them.

The increasing use of walnuts in the food processing industry, together with the increase in sales of nutritious nuts, are some of the key factors for the substantial growth of the global nut market in the near future. The Sugar Origin segment values chocolates and chocolate-covered nuts, while valuing nuts produced in Oklahoma and Texas. Blair Krebs, executive director of the Texas Walnut Growers Association, said the walnut harvest suffered from extreme heat and drought, but producers with a decent harvest should do well this season. Pecans are prominently consumed in the North American nut market, which is also the world's leading nut producer.

Major food and beverage manufacturers purchase these nuts in large quantities, which has further guaranteed the stock of nuts. Florkowski and Park (200) examined marketing strategies to increase sales of raw, unprocessed nuts and evaluated how media familiarity affected consumer purchases of nuts. Nut-based food products are all the rage these days, as they have become one of the nuts of choice for health-conscious consumers; for example, nut-based products such as walnut muffins, walnut cookies and many other nut-based bakery products are becoming popular as part of healthy diets.

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