Are pecan trees a good investment?

From pecans to pies and oil, there are many byproducts of the walnut tree, making it an invaluable asset. You may be interested to know that many U.S. residents, especially those in Georgia, New Mexico and Texas, have a nut tree in their backyard. Institutional investors turn to MetLife Investment Management for experience in public fixed-income real estate and private equity %26.MetLife Investment Management has a long history of creating private debt.

Get useful information with technical documents, articles and reports from our analysts. Sorry, we couldn't find any results that match The US, S. The nut industry has experienced trade wars, hurricanes, and import competition in recent years. Producers are likely to benefit from positive long-term fundamentals.

Commercial walnut producers have increased yields and profitability by converting native orchards into more improved tree varieties. It already represents an important part of world production. And as the popularity of walnuts continues to rise among the world's growing middle class, increasingly productive U.S. UU.

Producers are well positioned to capitalize on growing demand. However, Georgia growers have also made an increasing transition of cultivated land from native tree varieties to improved varieties. The USDA estimates that nearly all of Georgia's 129 000 commercial acres of walnuts now come from improved tree varieties. Production now comes from improved varieties and, consequently, production is less variable year after year (figure.

Figure 3 The graph shows exports by destination Blue Legend represents China, Grey Legend represents Mexico, Ligt Green Legend represents the EU, Dark Green Legend represents Canada, Dark Grey Legend represents Vietnam, the light blue legend represents Others The growing production of walnuts in Mexico has not only challenged the United States. . Producers in export markets, but also at the national level. Companies that shell walnuts are increasingly importing lower-cost supplies from Mexico (Figure).

Walnut production in Mexico benefits from a more stable climate and lower labor costs. The University of Georgia estimates that walnut production costs per acre in Mexico are almost half of those in the U.S. In the southeast, and the average yield in Mexico is also approximately double that in the U.S. Figure 5 shows Mexico Pecan Production, where Blue Legend represents Bearing, Grey Legend represents Non-Bearing, Green Legend shows production While U.S.

Producers have faced some obstacles in recent years. The long-term fundamentals of walnuts are positive, backed by a strong demand outlook. Global nut consumption is expected to grow by 5% per year until 2030, driven by increased demand from Asian markets. Vietnam, South Korea and Japan have become key export markets for the U.S.

It still makes up most of the remaining world production. The next largest producer is South Africa, with an approximate share of 5%, 8 Therefore, with an improved production and marketing system, we believe that the US. Producers are well positioned to capitalize on long-term demand growth. Please read our Terms of Use and the important information below before continuing.

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MIM does not guarantee that the information on this website is accurate as of the date any user accesses it. In short, yes, a walnut farm can be a good investment. The key is to do your homework and understand the costs and risks associated with growing walnuts. A beautiful nut with a yield greater than 51% is desirable, but the cost of inputs to harvest it is much higher than that of a kiowa or a Cape Fear, which will produce just as well with a nut with a lower input cost.

Walnut production involves high initial costs and, according to Wells, it takes “about six to eight years” for a commercial nut harvest to occur. Pecan Report provides the latest reports and news related to the current state of the pecan industry. Some people may find that the tastiest nut is the one that is roasted or candied, while others may prefer a raw or nutty nut. .

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