Are candied pecans the same as praline pecans?

Praline nuts are just one variety of candied nuts. These nuts have a tasty coating or icing and are also known as flavored nuts. These recipes are a little different than the candied nut options. For example, nut chocolates are often referred to as nut candies, while praline nuts are considered candied nuts.

The main difference is that nut candies, such as walnut praline, are shaped like a pie, while candied walnuts are individually caramel-coated nuts. That's because the nut has been used in delicious pies for more than a century, and pecan pie is a staple of Southern baking. Pecans are perfect for adding a soft, buttery touch to your salad or parfait, but many fans tend to associate pecans with desserts and sweets. A candied nut is similar to praline nuts in that they are glazed or covered with a layer of caramel.

This recipe for cinnamon and walnut candies is perfect for people looking to spice up their nut treats and, at the same time, feel less guilty about treating themselves.

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